Resume + Interview Tips

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Want to work where you will thrive? Consider these resume and interview tips.

  1. Make sure that your resume clearly indicates your correct contact information: name, address, phone number, email.
  2. A "job objective" or "professional summary" in your resume should highlight your areas of expertise to catch the eye of the reader. Gear it toward the position you are trying to get. 
  3. Education should be listed on your resume with information on where you went to school, the degree you received, and your major(s)/minor(s). If you are still attending school, we recommend that you state this within the education area of your resume. 
  4. The professional experience section of your resume should be short and sweet but highlight the key job duties or accomplishments that you achieved during your time at each position. 
  5. Share special skills or competencies on your resume such as computer skills, software skills, soft skills, and any other language skills you possess. 
  6. It is expected that a candidate should have at least three professional references. 
  7. Please do not share any personal information about yourself on a resume (e.g. marital status, family information, birth date, etc.) 
  8. Have others proof-read your resume before submitting it to Ghafari's HR team. Spelling and grammar errors are easy ways to make a poor impression. 
  9. Make sure to be professionally dressed for any interview you attend. 
  10. Arrive at least 15 minutes early for an interview. 
  11. Prepare for an interview by researching our company and compiling questions about our history, our departments, and project or job duties before you arrive. 
  12. Make sure to have additional copies of your resume available for the interview. 
  13. During the interview, be sure to make eye contact with all of the other attendees in the meeting. 
  14. Handwriting a thank you card for your interviewer can make a very good impression. 
  15. Following up with HR or the hiring manager is acceptable, but allow at least one week after the interview before doing so.