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About Us

Our Values

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We are guided by a shared purpose. A collective commitment to helping our clients succeed amid the challenges of an ever-changing world. A drive to continuously innovate, to learn from one another, and to make an impact. Together, we’re exploring new frontiers, applying emergent technologies, and finding better ways to serve our clients.

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Every project starts with the client.

We believe in client partnerships built on mutual trust, and we have the 41-year track record to prove it.

Innovation is in our DNA.

Ghafari was founded on the promise of innovative tools and approaches. We are in constant search of better ways to plan and design spaces.

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Sustainability is a guiding influence in our work.

Our holistic approach considers the full lifecycle of the building and applies proven design principles to create lasting structures with minimal environmental impact.

Everything we do – from the new challenges we take on, to the strategies we employ, to the technologies we adopt – is about people. How we can collaborate more effectively as teams. How we can continue to elevate the service we provide to our clients. And how our work can positively impact communities.

Yousif B. Ghafari

Chairman + Founder

Our multidisciplinary team is greater than the sum of its parts.

Ghafari embraces an integrated design approach, drawing on our full complement of disciplines to tailor solutions for our clients.

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We strive to build an equitable workplace that celebrates diversity.

We believe that diversity enriches the value we deliver to our clients. We strive to provide an inclusive, equitable workplace that reflects the communities we serve.