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Our Values

Diversity + Inclusion

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We strive to build an equitable workplace that celebrates diversity.

At Ghafari, we strive to provide an inclusive, equitable workplace in which each team member is valued and respected for their unique differences. We understand that a culture of inclusion enables us to be more effective, innovative, and impactful. Diversity in perspective, background, and experience brings forth new ideas while enriching the value we deliver to our clients.

Among our core values is our belief in championing diversity. Innovation is born from differences in background, experience, and perspective. However, it can only flourish in an environment of mutual respect. I know that there is a lot more we can and must do, and we are committed to being part of the solution.

Kouhaila (Ki) Hammer

President + CEO

We are committed to effecting meaningful change in our industry.

We know that we have not made enough progress in addressing the underrepresentation of BIPOC professionals that persists in our industry. Ghafari is committed to continuously learning, to increasing our capacity to recognize inequities and injustice, to deepening our understanding of and respect for our differences, and to effecting meaningful change in our organization and our industry.