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Our Values


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Innovation is in our DNA.

Ghafari was founded on the promise of innovative tools and approaches. We are in constant search of better ways to plan and design spaces. Since day one, we have been driven to explore new frontiers, apply emergent technologies, and find better ways to collaborate.

From our early adoption of computer-aided design in 1982, to our pioneering application of building information modeling in the early 2000s, to our continued exploration of virtual / augmented reality, digital transformation, and computational design today – we harness technology that elevates our quality and efficiency.

Ghafari project teams are accustomed to hitting the ground running and carrying that momentum throughout the design process. The lean tools and technologies we have in place support this mentality by engaging our client early and often so that the scope is vetted out, design issues are addressed, and a quality design can be delivered in a timely manner.

Mike Durand

Vice President

Our team is innately curious and forward-thinking.

As architects and engineers, we like to understand how things work, and we’re always looking ahead to what’s next. Our Practice Technology team is dedicated to exploring the newest industry technologies that foster enhanced collaboration, improve knowledge exchange, streamline project workflows, facilitate lean best practices, and enable data-driven decision making.