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Twin battery production facilities powering the global electric vehicle movement.


Ford has partnered with SK Innovation to invest in new battery plant facilities that will support their goal of becoming a leader in electric vehicle production. With an annual capacity of 86 GWh, these twin facilities will significantly bolster U.S. production of lithium-ion batteries, which will be available for use in Ford’s electric vehicles.


Two massive facilities with the shared capacity to produce 86 GWh of batteries annually.

Ghafari is providing full-service architecture and engineering design services for two production facilities on the Kentucky site, including mezzanine and outbuildings for support space. Each of these facilities is the size of 60 football fields. Our expert team continues to advance the design of the facilities as the demand for larger batteries intensifies. In total, the plants will produce 86 GWh of batteries per year in an efficient and powerful move to support the global electric vehicle movement.

Our design of the twin battery plants is being simultaneously replicated for a battery production facility at Ford’s Blue Oval City, their electric vehicle assembly campus in Tennessee. These projects have required immense coordination by our team to provide design solutions for similar projects on different sites with different contractors.