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An aspirational headquarters and manufacturing campus.


Ghafari created a master plan for Woodward to transform a 100-acre site into a new corporate headquarters and manufacturing campus with the goals of facilitating operational growth, attracting top talent, and creating jobs in the Fort Collins community. We also provided operations design, architecture, and engineering services for Phase 1, which encompasses a corporate headquarters and multi-functional turbo-machinery systems building.

Tailoring the Solution

Transparency that fosters collaboration.

The industrial turbo-machinery systems building is organized around a multi-level “Main Street” corridor that serves as the spine of the campus. It includes both manufacturing spaces and offices, connected by two structurally suspended staircases.

The headquarters building visually anchors the campus on the east and conveniently links back to its engineering and manufacturing components. We adopted an open-concept layout characterized by the generous use of glass and modular spaces that foster collaboration.

Supporting What Matters

An operations-centered approach to elegant design.

The completed campus is the result of a “form follows function” approach that established an operations-centric basis on which elegant yet highly utilitarian architecture could be developed.

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