Northpointe Operations Center

Grand Rapids, Michigan


  • Northpointe Bank

    Project Size

  • 91,000 SF


Northpointe Bank’s mission is to create an environment where their employees want to work. Their mission is balanced by a desire to optimize their real estate investment. Northpointe’s continued growth and success led them to engage Ghafari in offering workplace strategy, visioning, and discovery expertise in developing a roadmap for their future of workplace design. From recruiting to flexibility, to diverse workstyles and meeting spaces, Ghafari led the Northpointe team to a flexible, optimized, and efficient workplace standard that will continue to offer their users an engaged workplace for years to come.


In order to create an efficient yet choice-driven environment, Ghafari facilitated a deep dive conversation with each of Northpointe’s fastest growing departments to better understand how they work and what could improve. Our comprehensive study provided a complete facilities analysis, documenting existing and future staffing, desired work styles, diverse meeting space needs, as well as the operational vision for the new operations center. Masterplan diagrams were also included in this study, which explored the physical relationships between the Operations Center and additional tenants to potentially be housed in the same facility. The resulting Program Workbook serves as a roadmap for the quality, function, and spatial needs for the next generation of Northpointe’s workforce.

The new Operations Center will be housed in a fully transformed big-box, high-bay design center. The overall facility will be shared use, as Northpointe will be the lead tenant in a 100,000 SF facility. Our team creatively discovered ways for all users to have expansive views and equal access to natural light in an otherwise dark and foreboding environment. The Northpointe workplace will be high energy and will offer diverse shared spaces, allowing employees to choose alternative work modes throughout the day.


Today’s employees demand a safe, healthy, and connected workplace. Our roadmap balances Northpointe’s key assets: employees, clients, and real estate. The new Operations Center strikes an important balance between offering an engaged environment that is both flexible and cost effective. A driving force in their future success is real estate resilience – or the ability to shrink or expand in reaction to future economic conditions.