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Q+A with Kimberly Lindberg, Architectural Designer (Dearborn)

Q+A with Kimberly Lindberg, Architectural Designer (Dearborn)

How do you describe the importance of sustainable design to those outside of the industry?

Architecture and design make up a large portion of the built environment and it has a large impact on the environment through sustainable design. It is not the only way to be sustainable, but if enough of the global architecture reduces its energy intake and reduces the carbon output, it can make a difference.

As a designer, what sustainable design strategies have you learned at Ghafari?

So far, I have learned a lot about sustainability through finish materials with the materials reps from different companies - learning how their technology has improved within a product and the full life cycle of their products. I've also learned sustainable ways to design by thinking about the end of life at the beginning of a project to consider what will happen with the products and building once it has served its purpose.

Are you planning on becoming a LEED Accredited professional / LEED Green Associate?

I am currently pursuing a LEED Green Associate certification as well as LEED AP in hopes of pursuing a career in sustainability within architecture and design.

What sustainable materials / technologies fascinate you the most?

Currently, there are a few carpet companies that fascinate me the most with how they can rip out old or existing carpet and recycle it at their warehouses to then break it down to be used and created into new carpet to help with the waste in renovations. Just by selecting one of these carpet companies as opposed to some other ones, we could reduce the landfill waste drastically!

How would you describe Ghafari’s culture of sustainability?

Ghafari's sustainability task force is made up of some eager, thoughtful individuals across many disciplines that will start a sustainability ripple effect throughout the company.

What role does sustainability play in your life outside of work?

Outside of work, sustainability plays a large role in my life with constantly trying to find new ways to be more sustainable at home, whether that’s through better energy usage, reusable replacements for paper goods, or better cleaning products for the environment. Soon enough, all the small changes in my life will add up to be a big change. It would be a dream of mine if I lived in a house that has zero net carbon emissions. Hopefully, it will come true one day soon.