Monday, March 11, 2019
Article Insights into Reducing Heavy Product Packaging and International Logistics Costs

Brett English, Senior Project Manager
Brett English, Senior Project Manager

An article by Ghafari Senior Project Manager Brett English – who specializes in leading significant packaging programs for some of the automotive industry’s top manufacturers – recently appeared on In “Insights into Reducing Heavy Product Packaging and International Logistics Costs”, Brett describes how product- and process-specific packaging design can yield a greener, more efficient, and more cost-effective global logistics system.

As Brett observes, logistics costs are a significant expense for manufacturing companies, particularly those that make heavy products and ship them worldwide. Selection of the right container for the product and process can have a huge impact; something as seemingly simple as storage practices can result in costly product damage and / or wasted space. With this in mind, he encourages an iterative approach to reducing the costs related to shipping racks for a heavy product line and advocates a mindset that treats the launch of each new product as an opportunity to improve upon the previous design.

Brett then details some key elements that contribute to a successful container design, including: the application of finite element analysis, which helps to identify potential structural issues with a shipping rack virtually; the use of unorthodox materials or standard materials in creative ways; diligent engineering; and critical thinking. These tactics can drive tangible results, as was the case with a recent program he managed where an iterative design process reduced the overall weight of the shipping racks by 40-60% compared to the baseline while also cutting down on the amount of material and labor needed to build them.

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