UAB Boshell Diabetes Research + Education Building Renovations

Birmingham, Alabama


  • University of Alabama at Birmingham

    Project Size

  • 24,000 SF


Completed in 1973, the Buris R. Boshell Diabetes Research and Education Building at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) has long served as a center for cutting-edge research, advanced learning, and critical thinking. UAB decided to renovate and modernize the building’s fifth and sixth floors, home to lab and support spaces that had not been updated since its original construction over 40 years ago and no longer complied with current building codes. In addition, each division of the Department of Surgery was separated and spread out across multiple campus buildings, greatly diminishing the efficiencies of the administrative functions that support the department. Consequently, UAB sought to unite over 140 Department of Surgery administrative staff members in one space.

We worked closely with UAB to design a renovation that modernizes these spaces while providing a contemporary, consolidated office suite for the Department of Surgery that promotes team member interaction and camaraderie.


The program involved the demolition of the entire floorplate across both levels to create a new administrative office suite for the Department of Surgery that houses open office areas, meeting rooms, and collaborative spaces. The project area was fit up with new walls, floors, ceilings, and finishes as well as updated electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems. Our design also provides a communicating staircase between the lobby spaces on both floors that creates a direct link to staff housed on both floors.


The revived space unites and fosters interaction among the Department of Surgery’s various divisions, providing a modern environment where these team members can connect and collaborate more readily.