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09 2022 Gleaners Video Hero
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Video: Gleaners South Campus Distribution Center

Video: Gleaners South Campus Distribution Center

As the first food bank in the state, Gleaners has been a trusted presence in southeast Michigan since their founding 44 years ago. To continue their mission of eliminating food insecurity, they required a larger space to accept and store more fresh and frozen foods from the Feeding America network, local farmers, and other regional distribution partners. This need became even greater when in March 2020, COVID-19 affected local communities and their ability to provide food to families.

The new South Campus distribution center in Taylor, Michigan enables Gleaners to increase their mission capacity by consolidating large-volume distributions and decreasing overall operating costs.

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Along with an assessment of their current and new property, Ghafari provided programming, planning, and material flow analysis for the renovation of the building’s warehouse as well as design of the administrative area. As community needs heightened due to the pandemic, the timeline for design, documentation, and construction was condensed to just seven months.

The addition of this larger, more modern facility maximizes Gleaners’ ability to be flexible, innovative, responsive, and efficient. It has also positioned them to move to the next level in realizing their mission: creating a truly food secure community.