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ENR: “Bridging the Gap: Fostering Trans-generational Working Relationships”

ENR: “Bridging the Gap: Fostering Trans-generational Working Relationships”

An article authored by Scott Adams, Ghafari’s Manager of Practice Technology, recently appeared in Engineering News-Record. Titled “Bridging the Gap: Fostering Trans-generational Working Relationships”, the article discusses the gap between the industry’s more experienced members who are on the verge of retirement and the technology-savvy younger generation, and how a symbiotic mentoring relationship can facilitate knowledge-sharing and project success.

“Cultivating bridging mentorships has become an express goal at our firm,” he writes. “In the next five to eight years, a generation will be leaving the industry, and their real world experience and construction knowledge of how buildings come together will not be an active perspective influencing project work. This senior generation has been on the site, worked in job trailers, dealt with contractors and subcontractors, and has a working understanding of what is needed to get the job done.

"At the same time, newer generations increasingly are focusing on technology and dealing with buildings virtually—not actual construction. As a result, they aren’t always gaining the level of real world detail or hands-on experience needed to both creatively and practically solve a problem.

"Therefore fostering trans-generational working relationships by establishing clear mentoring relationship goals can benefit all parties, and that requires senior staff and newer, technology-oriented staff to have this conversation.”

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