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Q+A with Maurice Jackson, Project Manager (Dearborn)

Q+A with Maurice Jackson, Project Manager (Dearborn)

How do you describe your job to people outside of the industry?

For those who are not in this industry, I describe my job as managing various design and build projects. Primarily the projects I manage involve the design and build of shipping containers for the safe transportation, and ergonomically friendly lineside presentation, of automotive components.

Why did you decide to become a Packaging Engineer?

I decided to become an engineer, a packaging engineer, in my second year of college. After prayerfully considering my career choices I narrowed it down to three: advertising, construction management, and packaging. With those choices in mind, I took an introductory Packaging Engineering class which immediately piqued my interest, and I knew that this was what I wanted to do.

How would you describe life at Ghafari?

I would describe life at Ghafari as being a low-stress environment. Every project has its challenges, but at Ghafari there is always a sense of true teamwork and support from top to bottom. At Ghafari, I feel that the work is not the main focus but rather the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of the person doing the work. With the focus being on people’s success I believe it leads to the work being successful.

What is the most exciting thing that has happened during your time here?

The most exciting thing that has happened to me during my time at Ghafari is being a part of the Gordie Howe International Bridge (GHIB) project. I worked with a wonderful team who felt privileged to be a part of such a monumental and impactful project. So, I would say my most exciting thing was not an event but rather daily watching the bridge towers get erected and the supporting buildings and infrastructures coming together.

What is a key idea or lesson you have learned while working at Ghafari?

While working at Ghafari I have learned that we are generally more flexible than we think. I believe in being flexible, but I was not quite sure how flexible I could be. I started at Ghafari in February 2020, which was about a month before my project was put on hold due to the COVID-19 outbreak. I was asked about working on the GHIB project, which was not my normal scope of work. I accepted the challenge and things went even better than I initially hoped as I quickly learned a lot about managing a construction project. So, I know that whatever comes my way, I will face it with a positive attitude. Because we can do more than we may think we can if we approach things with the right mindset.

How do you like to spend your free time?

I have been pastoring a church in Detroit for the last 13 years, which I thoroughly enjoy, so I do not have a lot of “free time”. But when I do have time to relax, I like to spend it enjoying my four grandchildren and traveling.