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Q+A with Mary Schmidt, Senior Project Manager

Q+A with Mary Schmidt, Senior Project Manager

How do you describe your job to people outside of the industry?

I manage design projects for hospitals and medical facilities.

Why did you decide to become a project manager?

I am currently a senior project manager and cannot say there was a point that I “decided” to become a PM. My background is interior design, and I have specialized in medical design for most of my career. When my projects grew in scope and became multi-discipline, there was no one there to take the PM responsibilities, so they were mine by default! Because I enjoy PM responsibilities, I took the opportunity to become PMP certified to gain credibility in the area of project management.

How would you describe life at Ghafari?

I haven’t had much exposure to other offices yet, but the Birmingham office is great so far. I feel that I am appreciated and a valued member of the team.

What is the most exciting thing that has happened during your time here?

The opportunity to be part of an interview team for a new hospital building for UAB (University of Alabama at Birmingham), a local but nationally respected medical school and teaching hospital.

What is a key idea or lesson you have learned while working at Ghafari?

There will be a learning curve to get acclimated and become efficient with the Ghafari and client processes.

How do you like to spend your free time?

Doing projects at home or to help others. I am always coming up with ways to improve environments through design and / or organization.