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Q+A with Brett English, Senior Project Manager, Packaging Group

Q+A with Brett English, Senior Project Manager, Packaging Group

How do you describe your job to people outside of the industry?

There are thousands of parts that go into building every car or truck. We manage the development, procurement, and implementation of the packaging to ship those parts from the part supplier to the vehicle manufacturer. This packaging ranges from simple cardboard boxes to custom returnable plastic trays and containers to custom steel shipping racks. It must also meet the quality, safety, ergonomic, system interface, budgetary, and timing requirements of all stakeholders.

Why did you decide to become an engineer?

I have been interested in how things work, how to make them better, and how to repurpose materials to build custom creations since I was a child. I have always been very artistic and creative. Legos and anything I could use to build something were my toys of choice. My giant toy dump truck and array of cars and trucks, large and small, were my prized possessions. Engineering was, and continues to be, in my blood and the only logical career choice for me.

How would you describe life at Ghafari?

I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with. The comradery we have here is unparalleled in any other organization I’ve been a part of. We have a group of people who have been together for a very long time, and we pride ourselves on having a highly dedicated, diverse, and supportive culture that fosters quality delivery of our services and makes the work day challenging and enjoyable.

What is the most exciting thing that has happened during your time at Ghafari?

Early in my involvement in powertrain work, I had the opportunity to work on a packaging project for the Dodge Viper engine. This was an all-new aluminum block V-10 engine for the 2004 model year. Being a fan of muscle and sports cars, this was an extraordinarily exciting project to work on, affording the opportunity to frequent the manufacturing plant and see these amazing cars in production.

What is a key idea or lesson you have learned while working at Ghafari?

A key idea I have learned as an engineer and project manager in a consultation role is that our clients do not only pay us to identify concerns or roadblocks, but our service must also include voluntarily and proactively identifying potential solutions for those concerns. Listing several options for feasible solutions, along with their pros and cons, budgetary and timing impacts, and our recommendation is very important in providing a quality consulting service to our clients.

How do you like to spend your free time?

I like to spend my free time making home improvements and dreaming up new and innovative things to design and build into my home. For leisure, I enjoy playing golf, running my R/C speed boat, fishing, target shooting, playing strategy games or watching movies with my family, and spending time with my two large dogs.