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Healthcare Facilities Today: “Three Key Insights on Optimizing IPD, Lean and BIM”

Healthcare Facilities Today: “Three Key Insights on Optimizing IPD, Lean and BIM”

An article authored by Scott Adams, Ghafari’s Manager of Practice Technology, appeared on the Healthcare Facilities Today blog. In the article, titled “Three Key Insights on Optimizing IPD, Lean and BIM”, he recognizes how traditional project delivery methods no longer support the evolving needs of the healthcare sector and details how new technologies and delivery approaches can help teams overcome modern challenges.

Innovations like integrated project delivery (IPD), building information modeling (BIM), and lean management techniques enable project teams to successfully deliver complex projects with compressed schedules and tight budgets. As Scott describes, the keys to a successful project using these innovations are openness and accountability, as well as heightened levels of collaboration.

“The transparent, IPD process is efficient and cost-effective not only for the project team, but also healthcare leaders,” Scott writes. “In the risk / reward environment, corrective comments are welcomed and surface earlier. Reducing contingencies and buffers in the planning means that real data is available and decision-making is more accurate. Some of the savings might be distributed among the team as an incentive, and another portion can go back to the healthcare leaders to be reinvested in aspects of the project that were initially viewed as unfeasible.”

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