Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Scott Adams Discusses how Ghafari Revolutionizes Collaborative Reviews with Bluebeam Studio

Ghafari’s Director of Virtual Design and Construction Scott Adams recently sat down with StrXur (a Bluebeam publication) to discuss how we use Bluebeam Studio (part of Revu) for collaborative reviews across different offices and among multiple project stakeholders. Through that experience, we have recently developed an architecture dashboard that drives even greater efficiency in the process.

“Being cloud-based, we had a lot of external clients and customers that wanted to be a part of our collaborative environment,” Scott explains. “So we’ve developed a dashboard that has quick links. We thought of it like a smartphone. An icon you just click on and it gets you to the information. So that’s really allowed us to get information quickly to our staff with one click, versus a 14-click process going through a traditional folder structure.”

“We’re supposed to deal with architecture and engineering, not trying to find data,” he adds. “If we can take a slice out of the 30% waste [of time] that the industry’s saying [is spent] searching for data, by just implementing a tool like this that gets us the information, that’s just a tremendous amount of savings.”

Scott estimates that Revu saves each employee an estimated five minutes a day, which taken in total, adds up to three full days annually at an approximate savings of over $1 million per year.

Read the full article (and watch a short video starring Scott) here.