Monday, March 28, 2022

Ghafari Celebrates Completion of Navistar’s San Antonio Vehicle Assembly Complex

Ghafari is excited to announce the completion of Navistar’s new vehicle assembly complex in San Antonio, Texas – a benchmark facility leading the automaker’s manufacturing in process optimization, real-time production management, and sustainability in manufacturing operations.

Ghafari provided full architecture and engineering services for the 948,000 SF complex, which will produce both diesel-fueled and electric Class 6-8 trucks. The greenfield site houses assembly, paint shop, logistic warehouse, central utility plant and support structures, a vehicle customization center, as well as a tank farm for fuel and fluids. The site development also includes parking for 500 cars and 600+ trucks.

The plant is a sustainable baseline facility in site, building, and process practices, to serve as a benchmark for Navistar's manufacturing network. It also sets a new standard in lean manufacturing principles that eliminate waste, improve product quality, drive operational efficiency, and reduce cost and time. Industry 4.0 principles have been incorporated to connect digital and physical technologies, allowing the plant to be more connected and easily make data-driven decisions.

Navistar hosted an official ribbon cutting on March 23. Click here to learn more about how this landmark complex will impact Navistar’s manufacturing operations.