Monday, March 5, 2018

Facility Executive: Construction Project? Consider a Pre-Code Compliance Check

An article written by Ghafari Vice President Scott Heywood appeared in Facility Executive. In “Construction Project? Consider a Pre-Code Compliance Check”, Scott discusses the value in completing a pre-code compliance checklist during the programming phase of a renovation project before the construction budget is finalized. This helps to minimize delays, requests for additional funding, and disruption of building operations.

“For a small investment, compared to the scope of the project, architects can complete the code compliance check ahead of time before project owners finalize their budgets,” he writes. “This protects stakeholders from surprises that might otherwise be found above the ceiling during the construction phase.”   

Scott offers guidance on how project teams can gain pre-code compliance insights, particularly when building access is challenging. He recommends that teams start by reviewing all existing as-built plans and identify the most significant code issues (sprinklers, fire alarm systems, and number of staircases). To do so effectively, it’s critical that they coordinate with the right facilities people and factor in at least a week of advanced planning.

Read the complete article here.