Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Data Strategy Office Wins ALA Merit Award for Interior Architecture

The Data Strategy office modernization project in Grand Rapids, Michigan was recognized by the Association of Licensed Architects at their 2018 Design Awards, winning a Merit Award for interior architecture. 

Designed by Ghafari’s Grand Rapids team, this project involved $3 million in improvements, including a new entrance, 30,000 SF of office space for over 150 employees in multiple departments, a network operations center, a technology integration center, and an executive area. A 200-spot parking lot was also added. 

Interior space renovations incorporated decorative lighting, new cooling systems in the tech space, a complete renovation of the employee breakroom, and a new fitness center, complete with showers.

Wall, floor, and ceiling finishes were carefully chosen to convey a high-tech, modern atmosphere. The result is a warm and inviting space with an industrial edge.