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An office and production campus that maximizes flexibility and adaptability.


Woodward envisioned a new office and production campus that would attract top talent, facilitate employee engagement, and employ manufacturing best practices. We developed a master plan for the 70-acre campus and programmed, planned, and designed the Phase I facility.

Tailoring the Solution

Breaking down conventional boundaries to foster meaningful interaction.

We worked with Woodward to redefine their production processes and shape the site plan and Phase I facility around a lean-driven layout. We held workshops with Woodward’s process teams, department heads, and vendors and generated multiple process layout schemes, each paired with a corresponding building envelope concept.

The client selected the scheme that enables a highly efficient workflow while breaking down the conventional boundaries between the office and production areas to support greater interaction amongst colleagues. The resulting master plan accommodates future expansion and positions the facilities to present a public image that is consistent with Woodward’s sophisticated technological processes.

Supporting What Matters

A world-class workplace where innovation can soar.

The Phase I facility’s single-story production zone is “L”-shaped with an east-west oriented long dimension. The office area is also “L”-shaped, its shorter dimension a continuation of the production area’s east-west line, and longer dimension set above the production area with a north-south orientation. The office and manufacturing components interlock, connecting managerial, R+D, and production staffs. The stem of the office “L” serves as the “main street” of the complex. Entry components and the cafeteria are set away from the larger building mass to create finer grain elements.

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