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A brighter, more energizing, and sustainable work environment.

We completed current state analyses of the office tower and R+D facility, concluding that it was best to modernize the office tower, demolish the R+D facility, and replace it with a new amenities building. The office tower was reskinned with the interior completely renovated, including energy-efficient mechanical and electrical systems.

In line with Ford’s modern workplace standards, the design moves away from formal, enclosed office spaces in favor of more open floorplans with low-partition workstations and collaboration areas. The amenities building houses a full-service cafeteria, conference center, shipping / receiving area, four-bay garage, and the complex’s main power distribution.

The renewed center offers Ford’s team members a brighter, more energizing, and sustainable work environment that enables enhanced collaboration.

  • Ford Rotunda Gallery 1
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  • Ford Rotunda Gallery 3
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