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A calming environment for pediatric care.


Port City Pediatrics constructed a new medical office building for their family practice that serves infants, children, and adolescents. Their main objectives were to increase operational efficiency and provide a comfortable space that incorporates colors and finishes to help reduce anxiety in young patients.

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Tailoring the Solution

A design that draws inspiration from the lakeshore.

Due to its proximity to the lakeshore, we found inspiration in the rolling sand dunes and waves of Lake Michigan. This feature is evident in the rooflines and facades, which vary in pitch. The building’s color extends from exterior to interior with both soft and deep blues, in addition to hints of gray.

To also accommodate adults, we selected comfortable furniture with smooth edges and soft textures, ensuring they would be easy to clean, while still giving the office a sleek feel. Seating and tables were provided in multiple heights to accommodate children as well as their parents and guardians. “Kid-themed” pieces were incorporated into the waiting room to make it a more fun and interactive space.

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