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A world-class passenger terminal facility.


To accommodate the increasing number of visiting pilgrims, the Iraqi Ministry of Transport along with Teebat Karbala have launched a strategic project to construct a new airport situated on the outskirts of Karbala, about 60km southwest of Baghdad. Phase 1 of the new Karbala International Airport (KIA) project includes the development of a state-of-the-art passenger terminal building.


Redesigned for optimum operational efficiency.

Our team was engaged to redesign the terminal building while maintaining the geometric concept layout and associated roof profile, as well as redesigning internal spaces to reduce the current program from 46,000 SM to approximately 30,000 SM without compromising operational efficiency. The facility will be designed to handle an annual capacity of three million passengers, housing ticketing, baggage handling, passenger lounges, retail and dining areas, and security screening.

Our design includes the necessary functional requirements to develop a world-class passenger terminal building and modularity for future expansion.

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