Audi / Porsche Grand Rapids Dealership

Grand Rapids, Michigan


  • Fox Motor Group

    Project Size

  • 34,600 SF


Fox Motors required a major retrofit of their existing Audi and Porsche dealership after the relocation of the dealership’s Subaru operations to a new neighboring facility. Given our previous renovation work on the facility, we were once again selected to provide architectural services for the dealership’s remodel to better support the sales and service functions for the two luxury brands.


The upgraded exterior design clearly represents the unique personalities of the Audi and Porsche brands, while the modified layout offers a clean flow within the interior spaces. 

The overall layout broadens the sales, service, and support functions for each brand and gives full functionality to shared spaces while meeting their respective branding and operational criteria. This includes dedicated showrooms that embrace the aesthetic, technological, and operational requirements that support the interactive and high-tech experiences expected by customers and visitors alike. Our design also expands the service area. 

Bringing a familiarity with the building and site, we sequenced the work to minimize disruption to ongoing operations. We also maintained clear lines of communications between our team, the contractor, and the dealership staff during construction. To accommodate the renovation, the site underwent a moderate redesign to improve circulation, maximize the sales vehicles display area, and provide a seamless connection to the adjacent Subaru dealership.


Through close collaboration with the client, we were able to give the dealership a meaningful refresh that elevates the functionality and appeal of each brand while accommodating future expansion.