American Airlines DFW Terminal E Admirals Club

Dallas / Fort Worth Airport, Texas


Whether a person is flying for business or leisure, an airport lounge can shape their travel experience. American Airlines (American) understands the importance of these sanctuaries and continually strives to enhance the amenities they provide, and ultimately improve the customer journey.

As part of a larger makeover at Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport, American engaged our team to revamp and expand Terminal E’s existing airport lounge. The goal was to create a space where passengers can relax and unwind that complemented the newly upgraded satellite concourse (also designed by our team).


Our team was tasked with transforming a space previously occupied by Delta Air Lines and United Airlines so that it would be consistent with American’s current branding standards while providing adequate seating within the existing club footprint. We drew on our experience with American’s lounges at Chicago O’Hare and Boston Logan International Airports to efficiently interpret client requirements and translate them into a welcoming and luxurious getaway. Our solution optimizes the furniture layout, balancing function and quantity. The new furnishings include a communal table, banquette seating, a touchdown ledge, and dining tables and chairs equipped with power and USB outlets.

We completed the project using the integrated project delivery (IPD) method, collaborating with American and the contractor from the start. This approach allowed us to gain a better understanding of cost impacts and constructability concerns at the onset of the project, ensuring we stayed within the limited renovation budget.


Through the transformation of the Terminal E Admirals Club, we have created an oasis for American’s customers that offers them a high level of both comfort and support.