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A sleek sales space.


For their latest facility – a new combined dealership for Audi and Volkswagen – Serra Automotive sought to create a sleek, modern sales space that highlights the two automakers’ respective vehicles and brand identities in a balanced, cohesive way. They engaged Ghafari to translate their vision into a 9,000 SF dealership.

Tailoring the Solution

A seamless marriage of two brands.

We designed the dealership to appear as one unified building from the outside. Once inside, visitors are greeted with the seamless marriage of two separate dealerships. Each automaker has their own showroom that embraces a clean aesthetic. The two showrooms are joined in the middle with a common waiting area where customers from either dealership can relax and explore branded merchandise. The dealership also accommodates desk space for showroom floor staff.

  • Serra Audi VW Body 2a
  • Serra Audi VW Body 2b
  • Serra Audi VW Body 2c
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    Supporting What Matters

    Capturing a customer-centric vision.

    Our collaboration successfully captures the essence of each brand while supporting the customer-centric vision of Serra Automotive.