Woodward Rock Cut Campus

Loves Park, Illinois


Woodward, Inc. is an innovative international company that creates leading-edge technologies used in the aerospace and energy markets. As part of a mandate to attract top talent, they envisioned a new office and production campus that would facilitate employee engagement while embracing manufacturing best practices.

We worked with Woodward to understand their main goals for the campus master plan and the design of the 400,000 SF first phase facility: establishing a workplace that fosters innovation; maximizing the flexibility of the built space; and defining a strategy for future expansion on the site.


We developed a site plan for the 70-acre property that would accommodate future expansion, as well as present a public image that is consistent with Woodward’s sophisticated technological processes.

All aspects of our design are intended to optimize employee creativity, intellectual engagement and productivity. The production portion of the facility is expressed as a single-story space, deployed in an “L”-shaped plan with its long dimension having an east-west orientation. The office component is also “L”-shaped, its shorter dimension a continuation of the east-west line of the production area, but its longer dimension set above the production area with a north-south orientation. In effect, the office and manufacturing components interlock, maximizing opportunities for interaction between managerial, R+D and production staffs. The stem of the office “L” is imagined as the “main street” of the complex. We set entry components and the cafeteria away from the larger building mass to create finer grain elements.


We assumed a leading role in all aspects of the building planning and design. Working in close collaboration with Woodward throughout all phases of the project, we delivered a world-class workplace where team members can thrive and innovation can soar.