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A highly efficient cargo facility that supports the airport’s global leadership ambitions.


With the development of an all-new airport in Istanbul, Turkish Airlines (THY) seized the opportunity to build a highly efficient cargo facility capable of processing massive quantities of goods that would position the airport among the world’s top five busiest by cargo traffic.

Tailoring the Solution

A layout that enables an efficient circulation of material handling systems and employees.

We provided comprehensive planning, architecture, and engineering services for the Phase 1 165,000 SM cargo facility, which has a capacity of two million tons per year and features fully automated containerized and bulk cargo handling systems. The layout allows for an efficient circulation of both material handling systems and employees while factoring in an eventual Phase 2 expansion that will nearly double the handling capacity.

Supporting What Matters

A sustainable cargo center that marks the next chapter in THY’s operations.

We worked closely with THY to realize their vision of a facility that meets their distinct operating requirements and anticipates growing cargo volumes. Most importantly, we designed a sustainable, LEED Certified cargo center that marks the next chapter in THY’s operations, supporting the airline’s continued evolution into a leading global carrier.

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