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A state-of-the-art multifunctional facility.


With the development of an all-new airport in the Turkish provinces of Mersin and Adana, Turkish Airlines (THY) is building an innovative multifunctional facility to house and expand their operations at the new Çukurova Regional Airport that will total 9,200 SM (99,000 SF). THY engaged our team to provide planning, architecture, and engineering services.


A single structure designed to maximize operations.

To offer maximum value to THY, our team developed a single facility design that will function as cargo, ground support services, aircraft maintenance, and office areas. This consolidated facility will be built instead of several buildings to minimize both construction cost and time, as well as reduce future operational costs.

The new facility is expected to make a major contribution to THY’s cargo operations and regional international trade, particularly with the establishment of a connection between the new airport and Mersin International Port in the near future. It is anticipated that the cargo traffic at the airport will double in trade volume.

Collaborating with all stakeholders, our team designed a single multifunctional facility to support the airline’s three subsidiaries, Turkish Cargo, Turkish Ground Services, and Turkish Technic. The all-new airport is expected to be Turkey’s second largest cargo hub and gateway to the Middle East.

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