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A major expansion to meet the growing demand for lithium-ion batteries.


Having worked on LG Energy Solution’s (LGES) original advanced lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility in Holland, Ghafari is designing a major production campus expansion to meet increasing product demand.

The production plant accommodates battery module and pack assembly and nano-phosphate powder production functions, including material mixing, coating, roll press, slitting, notching, pancake stacking, drying, assembly, formation, and aging. Also included are electrode cleanrooms, assembly dry rooms, and support spaces. The site also provides a raw materials distribution warehouse, two-story administration building, and support buildings housing operations such as solvent equipment distribution, electrolyte storage / distribution, hazardous waste storage, and cell testing.

Tailoring the Solution

Engineering solutions to accommodate complex battery production processes.

Our design is sensitive to the unique HVAC, fire protection, explosion containment, volatile chemical storage, and distribution requirements. Using BIM 360, we collaborated with LGES’ global team and other project stakeholders to move beyond language barriers and an evolving project scope to meet key milestones.