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A career institute offering a myriad of technical programs.


Harper Woods Schools sought to create an environment where students can pursue a variety of career paths. They developed a Career Institute where they provide career and technical education to instill in their students professional skills, people skills, and the ability to collaborate as teams. Programs offered within the facility include auto trades, computer systems networking, culinary arts, cybersecurity, graphic design, and a sound studio for radio, television, and film.

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Tailoring the Solution

A design centered on openness and flexibility.

Given the district’s aim to foster interaction amongst students and faculty, openness and flexibility were key factors in our design of the space. In today’s business environment, open collaborative spaces are the norm; what you work on affects those working with and around you. The district wanted to reinforce this culture in their new space.

We achieved openness and flexibility through the use of moveable partitions in conjunction with a fixed hard wall that separates each of the program spaces. This allows instructors to shape their teaching spaces to meet the specific needs of their students.

Supporting What Matters

Closing the achievement gap.

The new Career Institute supports the district’s efforts to close the achievement gap and continue to grow quality programs, good teachers, and a safe and clean environment. In the new center, students have the opportunity to get direct, one-on-one advice from those who have succeeded in business, providing them with knowledge to pursue a number of career pathways.