Data Strategy Office Renovation

Grand Rapids, Michigan


  • Data Strategy

    Project Size

  • 30,000 SF


Growing tech company Data Strategy decided to refresh their corporate office, as their old space had become outdated. They needed a work environment that would reflect the high-tech, and modern organization that they’ve become, positioning them to attract and retain employees and stay ahead of the curve in a highly competitive industry.


Our team renovated approximately 28,000 SF of existing office space on the first and second floor, including their network operations center, technology integration center, executive area, parking lot, fitness center, and employee breakroom. We also added 2,200 SF of new tech / operations space in their existing warehouse.

As the building needed to remain occupied during construction, the project was split into two phases. During phase one, the tech and operations space was added as well as a new entry shell and lobby stair. The remainder of interior office space renovations took place during the second phase.


Data Strategy underwent a $3 million improvement project and can now offer their team members a more modern, high-tech environment in a space that allows for future expansion and growth. Employees enjoy a new fitness center, along with a complete renovation of their breakroom. The finished space evokes a warm and inviting vibe, while still incorporating modern and industrial elements, resulting in a sophisticated, yet tech-influenced design.