Lean Consulting + vPlanner©

Lean Consulting + vPlanner©

Our lean planning experts work with integrated teams to adopt advanced approaches that foster smarter collaboration and efficiency in project delivery.

Industry-Advancing Projects

Ghafari makes lean tools and methods more accessible.

Working closely with owners, contractors, and designers alike, we tap into our world-class expertise in lean planning and implementation to guide teams through a more collaborative approach to project delivery. Each time we streamline overall project workflows, we see the same effects throughout the design and construction processes: waste is reduced, time is saved, cost is minimized, and quality improves.

Ghafari specializes in walking project teams through progressive lean methodologies such as the Last Planner® System, which allows them to produce predictable workflows, clearly understand team member responsibilities and hand-offs, identify and plan around project milestones, and learn from past missteps. With each consulting engagement, our goal is to build our clients’ confidence and competency in new methods and tools so they reach even greater levels of success.

Meet vPlanner
After years of leading highly integrated projects, we built our own lean-inspired software solution – vPlanner – to facilitate collaborative design and construction management. vPlanner is a comprehensive solution for production planning and supports the workflows of the Last Planner® System. Today, teams use the software to quickly build and visualize complex networks of commitments, get immediate feedback on the status of project milestones, and align near- and long-term activities. Learn more about software features and licensing options on vplanner.app.


Capability Specialists

Samir Emdanat
President + Co-Founder, vPlanner
Matthew Jogan
Project Director, vPlanner