Zeledyne Warehouse Storage Analysis

Tulsa, Oklahoma


Automotive and architectural glass manufacturer Zeledyne decided to upgrade the technology at their Tulsa plant by acquiring a new piece of cut-down equipment. They sought the guidance of a consultant to help them determine the optimal location for the new equipment that would be integrated into the facility’s material pull system and allow them to achieve their goal of producing large glass sheets cut to customer-requested sizes within two weeks of the shipping date. 

Working closely with Zeledyne stakeholders, we conducted a warehouse storage analysis to evaluate the best possible locations for the cut-down equipment and finished cut glass storage, developing a solution that would streamline material flow paths and promote greater efficiency in the production and distribution processes.


Our industrial engineering team evaluated material flow paths from storage to the next point of use (docks, cutter equipment, or repack area) to establish the optimal storage locations within the 530,000-square-foot warehouse facility. We analyzed each glass size with the aim of minimizing the distance traveled and material handling time. 

We developed 11 alternatives for the location of the new equipment along with an updated warehouse layout that strategically positions L-frame racks to maximize their storage capacity. Among our recommendations was to reduce the quantity of finished goods material for both architectural and automotive cut glass, consolidate pack sizes to one common density, and remove non-production equipment to free up space for additional storage.


Our proposed solution provided Zeledyne with an updated warehouse layout that thoughtfully places their technology and storage areas to support highly efficient material flow paths and, ultimately, greater productivity.