Turkish Technic Line Maintenance Hangar

Istanbul, Turkey


  • Turkish Airlines

    Project Size

  • 23,000 SM


With the development of an all-new airport in Istanbul, Turkish Airlines (THY) is building a strengthened, next-generation hub. Among these buildings is a state-of-the-art aircraft line / base maintenance center for Turkish Technic (their MRO services arm) that is one of the most advanced facilities of its kind in the world. We planned and designed a facility that is capable of servicing their fleet of nearly 350 aircraft and is a model of efficiency, safety, and reliability.


Our design of the all-airside 23,000 SM facility accommodates all variants of THY’s narrow-body jets and wide-body intercontinental airliners. Our planners and engineers sited the hangar to maximize facility utilization. Rather than a conventional approach that provides aircraft access on one side, we proposed a two-sided solution that offers ultimate scheduling efficiency. The building is outfitted with advanced aircraft service systems and infrastructure, including overhead cranes, telescoping work platforms, and point-of-use aircraft utilities delivery.

The building design supports the 24/7 technical center with extensive daylight harvesting, advanced heating and ventilation systems, and resilient, reflective interior materials for a safe, productive, and visually pleasing working environment. The structure was designed according to Turkey’s stringent seismic codes. The fire protection system complies with the U.S. National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) latest standards.


Working closely with THY, we planned and designed a next-generation line / base maintenance center that will effectively support commercial aircraft maintenance across a broad fleet for decades to come. This facility sets a new standard in modern and cost-efficient aircraft inspection and maintenance, enabling a high level of productivity, safety, and ultimately, aircraft reliability.