The Waters Center

Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Waters Building is an iconic landmark in the cityscape of Downtown Grand Rapids. Built in 1898, the building was originally a furniture exhibition space showcasing the local talent and expertise in furniture building as Grand Rapids had become known as ‘Furniture City’. Over the years, the building was repurposed for office use, but by 2014 was mostly vacant and in dire need of some TLC.  

Our client, after acquiring the building and with determination to bring new life to this historic landmark, teamed up with Ghafari’s Grand Rapids team to make this dream a reality. The end result? A $35 million makeover, which includes an 111-room extended stay hotel, two rooftop decks, a rooftop bar, 44 market rate apartments, over 50 office tenants, a modern medical office, retail space, and a two-story main lobby with a four-story atrium above. Wherever possible, the original architecture was maintained throughout the building, resulting in beautiful new construction with a backdrop of 120 year old brick walls and wood floors.  

Now known as Waters Center, hundreds of people each day come to live, work, play, stay, and eat in this unique, one-of-a-kind, treasure that will continue to be an iconic landmark in the cityscape of Downtown Grand Rapids.