Spectrum Str!ve Primary Care Facility

Grand Rapids, Michigan


  • Spectrum Health

    Project Size

  • 4,000 SF


As West Michigan’s largest healthcare provider, Spectrum Health implements various unique wellness initiatives to advance the region’s patient care services. This includes Spectrum Str!ve – a concierge model of primary care services centered on preventative health. Spectrum selected Downtown Grand Rapids for their flagship Str!ve facility due to the area’s lack of accessible primary care facilities to support the surplus of downtown workers. We provided architectural services for the facility’s fast-track development – collaborating with Spectrum’s facilities team, engineering partners, and the contractor to design and build this project in seven months.


Located on the first floor of a historic mixed-use building, the 4,000 SF facility’s new expansive glass storefronts offer street views into the vibrant interior. Housed within are patient rooms, group therapy / educational space, retail sales functions, an educational resource center, and refreshment area. Working closely with Spectrum Health’s team, we centered the prototype on lowered anxiety and high efficiencies. This was accomplished through a residential-style design that blends the building’s historic charm with high-end appeal. 

An open floor plan optimizes space utilization throughout the tight building footprint – including a large meeting area that converts into more intimate discussion areas. To help reduce anxiety, patient rooms are designed as hubs for patient intake, exams, and consultations, allowing for discrete and constant interaction with physicians. Also included are privacy areas, medical equipment concealed behind wood cabinetry, Corian countertops, and recliners that transform into exam tables. Large video monitors and glass markerboard walls are functional surfaces where medical records can be displayed and updated on the spot.


Designed as a stark contrast to the clinical nature of most healthcare settings, the Str!ve facility is a convenient and wellness-centric resource for those working and living in the Downtown District.