Spectrum Health Information Technology Offices

Grand Rapids, Michigan


  • Spectrum Health

    Project Size

  • 35,000 SF


Spectrum Health’s Information Technology Departments are growing as fast as their healthcare operations, and as a result, they required fresh office space for their computer programmers and application engineers. They selected a space that spans over five floors of a 100-year-old building and engaged our team to design the renovation. Together we collaborated on a solution that would integrate new office technologies within antiquated infrastructure while catering to the needs of multiple generations of employees.


Throughout several design charettes with dozens of Spectrum’s departments, we worked closely with the building user to develop a complete design. This included studying the latest trends in office design and applying them strategically to the project’s program. To preserve the character of the century-old building, we utilized an open office approach to maintain and display the building’s heavy timber structure, further highlighting a balance of old and new. Conference rooms and private offices were located in the core of the building with glass partitions to maximize views of the structure and to pull natural light as far into the building footprint as possible.


Our team worked with the client to successfully create state-of-the-art space that can meet the technology needs of today and tomorrow. We were successful in revitalizing five stories of unoccupied space that brought 500 employees downtown. The sleek, brightly colored furniture contrasts intentionally with the rough exposed brick walls and heavy timber columns. The space is now more collaborative, with bench style workstations, walk-up workstations, an open office environment, work cafes, and ample collaboration spaces.