Serra Automotive Pre-Owned Sales Center

Grandville, Michigan


  • Serra Automotive

    Project Size

  • 8,680 SF


Leading automotive retail group Serra Automotive recognized the growth potential of the pre-owned vehicle market and seized the opportunity to develop a modern facility that offers potential car buyers a unique experience tailored to the emotions associated with such an important investment. They engaged the Ghafari team to design a customer-focused facility that provides an open, inviting, and relaxed environment to help put buyers at ease.


Our design for the building embraces an open floor plan centered around customer welcome and amenities. The team determined early on that no vehicles would be displayed inside the building, but panoramic views to the vehicles outside with floor-to-ceiling windows would create a seamless transition from inside to outside.

A vertical vehicle display tower was conceived to provide a prominent signature element. This display tower allows for views from the adjacent expressway and serves as a distinct visual marker for customers traveling to the site.

Site placement of the building was a challenge due to the limited available space and existing site features. To overcome these obstacles, stormwater detention was moved to underground storage below the vehicle display areas.


In the changing landscape of how pre-owned vehicles are bought and sold, one constant remains – people come first. Serra’s latest dealership embodies this philosophy, successfully mitigating the potentially stressful experience of buying a car.