PACE Senior Daycare Center

Dearborn, Michigan


  • Health Business Solutions, LLC

    Project Size

  • 23,000 SF


The Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) offers comprehensive medical and social services to community-dwelling elderly individuals – most of whom are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid benefits – as an alternative to nursing home placement. PACE’s Southeast Michigan chapter sought to expand their network of senior daycare centers by taking over an existing office building in Dearborn. We collaborated with client stakeholders to design an interior fit-out that would accommodate PACE’s full range of service offerings, enabling them to further their mission of “keeping seniors independent” in a supportive, comfortable, and safe environment.


We commenced the project by laser scanning the 23,000 SF, single-story building (which dates back to 1981), enabling us to accurately capture existing conditions and assess the capacity and life expectancy of its mechanical and electrical systems. Limited architectural demolition was required to make way for the primary care, behavioral, dental, podiatry, and senior daycare services that the center offers. 

Our subsequent design of the fit-out provides a highly functional layout that maximizes the use of natural light and facilitates intuitive wayfinding. The renovated facility houses a number of exam and observation rooms, a physical therapy area, a series of quiet and noisy community spaces, administrative areas, and ample storage space.


We worked closely with client stakeholders to understand their vision of a center that offers comprehensive, coordinated care for the medical, social, and physical needs of the community’s senior members. Now complete, the PACE Center supports the wellness, independence, and safety of its elderly users.