Otsego Memorial Hospital Facility Master Plan

Gaylord, Michigan


  • Otsego Memorial Hospital

    Project Size

  • 40,000 SF


Otsego Memorial Hospital sought the services of a healthcare consultant to evaluate and update their most recent master plan. Given increased surgical, emergency, obstetric, and acute care volumes, it had become apparent that they needed a well-informed plan for accommodating current and future growth.

Our healthcare planning team worked with the hospital’s staff to gather pertinent information about their services and facilities and develop an updated master plan. We understood that it was critical that our solution allow the hospital to continue operating without interruption during any subsequent construction phases.


We conducted a comprehensive assessment of the hospital’s facilities and space allocations, as well as multiple aspects of the services they provide. This provided the basis for forecasting the space needed to meet current and future operational volumes and to develop plans to both expand and renovate the hospital.

The main floor of the hospital is constrained to the east by a city street and property boundaries and to the south by visitor parking and the main entrance. Consequently, our solution calls for expanding surgery, ambulatory surgery, emergency, and central processing to the north on all three levels of the facility. The plan also expands the second floor to the west to provide space for a new birthing center. In total, the proposed plan involves approximately 23,000 SF of renovation and 17,000 SF of new construction.


In developing the master plan, we worked within the constraints of the site while providing the hospital with a solid path forward to keep pace with anticipated growth. The master plan is based on a phased approach that supports the client’s goal of keeping the hospital fully operational through construction.