Optio Data Corporate Headquarters

Grand Rapids, Michigan


  • Optio Data

    Project Size

  • 35,000 SF


Our client, Optio Data, was in need of an updated corporate headquarters and a proof of concept center. The program called for renovations to their existing office space, additional warehouse space, server room, employee workstations, and outdoor patio area. The project needed to move quickly in response to the company’s anticipated increase in their workforce.


Their logo and company motto, “Simplify IT”, inspired our design. For instance, the entry canopy and lobby area were framed by overlapping ceiling planes in a design that was derived from their branding. These concave forms extend into the walls and millwork, welcoming visitors and accentuating the server visibility to the lobby and conference room. Large windows and glass walls provide employees with maximum natural light and accessibility. Lighting was strategically placed in large impact areas, such as the conference room, break room, and collaboration areas.


Our simple and sleek design successfully brings Optio’s motto of “Simplify IT” to life. As one of Dell Premier’s top ten partners in the United States, their headquarters needed to be more high-tech and modern, and the resulting space achieves that. The design process from start to finish took a total of four months, and our team helped Optio Data reach a new level of success with a state-of-the-art proof of concept facility and warehouse to house their multi-million dollar inventory of servers, storage, and networking products.