Oakwood Healthcare Corporate Office Atrium

Dearborn, Michigan


  • Oakwood Healthcare System

    Project Size

  • 8,000 SF


Oakwood Healthcare System has been based in Dearborn for more than 50 years. When the healthcare provider decided to expand their Corporate Services Group, their priority was to remain in their longtime home. Working with Ford Land, they renovated two adjacent, one-story office buildings with the intent of creating more collaborative work environments for their team members. They then sought to develop a link between the two existing buildings through the construction of an atrium that would unify and enhance their new workplace while providing additional amenities for their employees.

Our design team worked closely with Oakwood to understand their vision of a space that creates a prominent front point of entry into their newly integrated corporate offices, providing a place of welcoming and connection for employees and visitors alike.


We designed the 8,000 SF atrium as a series of thresholds connecting space both physically and visually, resulting in an engaging user experience from the point of arrival to the point of exit. The physical connection between buildings enhances employee interaction while providing a welcoming centralized space for visitors. The use of two large glass facades emphasizes the transparency of the main volume while strengthening the visual connection between the inside and outside.

The space hosts a variety of amenities and operations, including employment application kiosks, security and vendor badging areas, a café, indoor and outdoor dining / lounge areas, a water feature, and entrances to both adjacent office buildings. An assortment of seating options is provided throughout the atrium to encourage its users to gather in both formal and informal arrangements.


Collaborating with Oakwood, we designed a bright, open atrium that successfully unifies two distinct workspaces, promoting solidarity among their team members by encouraging interaction and connection.