Ghafari Headquarters Modernization

Dearborn, Michigan


  • Ghafari Associates

    Project Size

  • 43,000 SF

Understanding the Challenge

Among the key goals expressed in Ghafari’s Vision 2020 strategic plan is to be a destination firm for engaged, driven, and collaborative employees. In support of this goal, we embarked on a multi-phase modernization of our Dearborn headquarters campus (originally constructed in the early 1990s). Inspired by recent workspace renovation projects for our clients aimed at drawing the best and brightest talent, we sought to embrace modern best practices that would offer our team members a brighter, more energizing, and sustainable work environment that spurs creativity and productivity.

Tailoring the Solution

Our goals with this modernization were to bring down barriers between teammates, encourage greater interaction, and infuse our spaces with more natural light. Phase I involved the renovation of the first floor of Building I. Our revamped marketing area, formerly comprised of a series of enclosed offices, features an open floorplan with low-partition workstations, colorful finishes, and a glass wall providing exposure to the building’s interior courtyard. Our finance and IT areas adopt similar layouts. Each area is furnished with occupancy-sensored LED lighting and has conferencing space equipped with cutting-edge technology. Phase I also involved the upgrade of our lobby and fitness center, which houses a variety of exercise equipment and locker / shower facilities.

Phase II centered on the modernization of the second floor of Building I, the home of our A/E team. This design also moves away from formal, enclosed office spaces, reducing the number of private offices from 12 to zero while boosting the number of workstations from 127 to over 150. The updated space also incorporates 10 conference rooms (up from four), along with two soundproof phone booths, four open meeting spaces, plus an eat-in kitchen area. Other features include height-adjustable desks at all workstations, LED lighting, mobile tables with buoy guest seating, water filling stations, and digital screen scheduling for conference spaces.   

Supporting What Matters

In elevating our own workspaces, we aimed to provide our team members with a vibrant environment that inspires collaboration, drives innovation, and motivates them to do their best work.