Full Circle Office Conversion

Grand Rapids, Michigan


  • Full Circle

    Project Size

  • 5,600 SF


Full Circle, a marketing and design agency, sought a new and innovative space that would reflect their unique approach to marketing and branding while also providing room to grow their business. Our team was tasked with designing the conversion of an existing residential unit into a functional workplace, working within the confines of the existing space as part of a larger building. During the demolition phase, our team discovered many infrastructural surprises, which would ultimately change our design approach.


The building’s existing conditions allowed our team to create a truly one of a kind space, which both exposed the raw history of the building and created a contemporary space that reflects the client’s daily workflow. As the existing conditions drove design changes throughout the project, both the client and our team had to be flexible and work quickly to find solutions to challenges that continued to arise.


The newly renovated office space provides Full Circle’s team with a variety of environments, including open office space, private offices, collaboration space, a mix of formal and informal conference / meeting space, and a break area with a more casual gathering space. Ultimately, the project was immensely successful, as evidenced by a “before and after” comparison of the space.