Ford Dealership Trustmark Program

Various Locations, USA + Asia


Ford Land, a division of Ford Motor Company, recognizes the importance of creating and implementing consistent, customer-focused standards for the architectural and design features of their dealerships. Since the 1990s, we have been assisting the company in achieving this goal through their Trustmark Program. To champion the process from beginning to end involves not just developing design standards and communicating them to the dealers, but also overseeing their implementation throughout the USA and Asia.


As Ford Land’s principal liaison, our team of project managers develops preliminary designs and works with Ford’s marketing and sales team in presenting the designs to the dealerships. We prepare the site plans, floor plans, interior and exterior elevations, building sections, and any additional details needed to accurately complete the renovations. Together with the client’s team, we also oversee the construction through to completion.


These projects represent our commitment to a broad, ongoing collaboration with Ford Land. Because of our efforts in establishing and upholding their design criteria, the company can control an important aspect of their customers’ experience in each dealership. To date, we have completed more than 700 projects ranging from small signage upgrades to full-scale dealer facility renovations and additions.