Chrysler Toledo South Supplier Park Complex

Toledo, Ohio


Facing competitive pressure, leading automaker Chrysler developed an innovative strategy that would enable highly efficient production and enhanced quality control. They decided to build the first supplier park in North America, in which three supplier partners would manage and operate major parts of the vehicle production process from neighboring facilities within the Toledo plant footprint. While the KUKA Group would be responsible for building vehicle bodies, Magna Steyr would run the paint shop, the Ohio Module Manufacturing Company (OMMC) would assemble the chassis, and Chrysler would be in charge of final trim and assembly. 

We worked closely with project stakeholders to understand their vision of an advanced manufacturing complex where Chrysler and their supplier partners could operate in harmony.  


Our scope involved comprehensive architecture and engineering services for the KUKA body shop, the OMMC chassis building, and Chrysler’s trim / final assembly facility. In developing our design, we were especially mindful of the conveyor lines connecting the facilities, as each building is owned by a different company. This required specific engineering considerations to effectively address security, risk, and fire protection concerns.  

We also served as the on-site Facility Engineering Support Provider for Chrysler’s trim / final assembly building, providing concept engineering, on-site field checking, layout coordination, controls engineering, and industrial engineering services. Finally, our packaging engineers developed critical materials management solutions for OMMC’s chassis building, analyzing material flow, material handling requirements, storage, and material sequencing cell and line display layouts. Our analysis yielded an actionable lean materials management plan providing right-sized packaging and material display and just-in-time delivery. 


This landmark co-location project provides a greater level of cooperation between Chrysler and their suppliers, allowing them to work together to innovate and produce vehicles of the highest quality.