A123 Systems Battery Manufacturing Facility

Livonia, Michigan


  • A123 Systems

    Project Size

  • 291,000 SF


Upon receiving a multi-million-dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, A123 Systems set out to construct their first American lithium ion battery production plant that would serve the growing demand of electric vehicle manufacturers and enable them to establish a strong foothold in a thriving market. We worked closely with A123 to convert an existing facility into a high-functioning and secure assembly plant capable of producing battery packs for the equivalent of up to 30,000 electric cars per year.


Our team provided comprehensive architecture and engineering services, including process coordination and integration, for the renovation of the 291,000 SF facility, which first required a thorough assessment of all building systems, including structural, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, and plumbing.

Our redesign provides for ultra-clean manufacturing, laboratory, and assembly areas requiring unique HVAC systems with strict temperature and humidity controls, including 1% RH and extreme interior climate control. The facility’s production functions include: prismatic cell assembly; cylindrical cell assembly; module and pack assembly; ESG design and prototyping; and GSG research and development labs for government contracts.  

We designed a 5,000 SF cleanroom for electrolyte chemicals and acetone processes. The facility also houses modular dryrooms, which called for special mechanical system considerations.   


Thanks to a collaborative effort with A123, our team delivered a high-performing production facility that strengthens their position as a leading supplier of the growing electric vehicle market.