Wednesday, October 14, 2020
Space to Thrive Podcast

Space to Thrive Podcast Episode 03: Double JAM Session

How does design shape our everyday experiences? Space to Thrive – a new podcast brought to you by Ghafari – seeks to answer this question. Join our hosts Andrew Cottrell, Joe Gonzalez, and Michael Lubbers as they chat with fellow designers and architects, as well as engineers, market leaders, and owners about the transformative power of design and how it influences the ways we live, work, and play.

In Episode 03, "Double JAM Session", Joe, Andrew, and Michael are joined by designers and mentees John Testa, Angela Cwayna, and Matt Christie to talk about how mentorship is a two-way street and what inspires their designs. Plus, learn why “Andrew says no”.

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Featured Project

Learn more about the El Dorado Airport Terminal 1 project discussed in this episode here.

Connect with our Hosts + Guests

Joe Gonzalez, FAIA | Global Director of Design | Chicago, Illinois |

Andrew Cottrell, AIA, LEED AP | Director of Design | Dearborn, Michigan |

Michael Lubbers, AIA | Director of Design | Grand Rapids, Michigan |

John Testa | Senior Designer | Chicago, Illinois |

Angela Cwayna, LEED AP | Senior Designer | Dearborn, Michigan |

Matt Christie, AIA, LEED AP | Project Architect | Grand Rapids, Michigan |